Hello, my loves. Allow me to take a quick break from all the travel posts and share with you bits and pieces from an event I attended a few days ago.

I went to the autumn/winter preview for Italian hair care and styling brand Davines and I totally had a blast seeing what’s going to be ‘in’ for the latter part of 2015 and learning more about their products.

What I learned and eventually loved about Davines is that it’s a brand that cares for the environment.

The volume and weight of each product they produce is “calibrated on its content to reduce its environmental impact”. They offset possible damage to nature through projects that protect forests and by using renewable energy during production.

They also use as little plastic as possible when it comes to packaging (that small bottle of shampoo actually contains 250 ml!) and the plastic they use is actually the re-usable, food grade kind.

Personally, I do love their packaging as they are simple, classy, and professional looking. Such a nice addition to my bathroom. 😉

They also help save certain types of plants from extinction by working with Slow Food Presidia and farmers from all over Italy. Each of the products from the Essential Haircare line contain a high percentage of natural and biodegradable ingredients. They are also free from parabens and sulphate.

But don’t worry. They didn’t take the fun out of washing your hair. 😉 Despite being sulphate free, their shampoos are still foamy due to mild surfactants that “respect the hair” with a creamy and compact lather that also dissolves easily in water.

It’s totally guilt-free hair care! 😉

The minimalist packaging of Davines’ Essential Haircare line actually carries a lot of product and information on it. You even know from which farm in Italy the ingredients of your haircare product came from.

The Essential Haircare Line also has nicknames for their products. Above, is your easy-peasy guide when it comes to the ‘nicknames’ of their Essential Haircare line which, once you actually think about it, makes it a lot more easier to remember which one’s which.

There are 8 choices so there’s one for every hair type. I’m actually under the ‘Love’ range which is for curly and big/frizzy hair types. (I am excited to try them, btw!)

While the others are easier to figure out – Nounou is for nourishing, Momo is moisturising, Volu is volumising, etc – Love got us all thinking. Why ‘Love’ for curly hair?

We were told that when curls and big hair are actually well-taken care of, they become LOVELY hair. Sexy and voluminous! It made a lot of sense, in the end. 😉

As for their hair styling products, we all got googly-eyed over the “More Inside” range. They come wrapped in beautifully-patterned paper so it’s always like Christmas when you open it up. 😉

The flip-side of the wrapping paper tells you more about the product and the ways you can use it while the bottle itself remains to be stylishly minimalistic.

Now we move on to the hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2015! Davines is all about gold and honey tones this season with hints of darker shades for depth and volume for the hair. It’s all about a sexy mane!

We were shown how to create extra volume using the products and a hair brush.

As well as the amazing colouring technique they call flamboyage that will make your hair colour look oh-so natural, blending in to your natural strands. Regrowth is also not a problem with this technique as it won’t stand out too much. It’s for girls who want to colour their hair but are not looking forward to the maintenance that comes with it after! *raises hand*

Another technique they showed us was this edgier type of colouring. It looks like it can be easily done (as seen below) but it’s actually hard and that you need a trained colourist for this style!

Texture is also something a lot of girls have been going for for the past couple of months. That beach-hair trend is here to stay, and so do sea-salt sprays.

One thing I didn’t like about adding texture to my already curly and coarse strands is that they tend to look dry and dull. But alas, it’s Davines who has the answer to my texturising woes. They have their own Shimmering Mist (also from the More Inside range) that I can spray on my hair for an instant shine. It also won’t weigh my hair down like other products in the market.

Again, volume and texture. 😉 See how healthy her locks look? It’s the Shimmering Mist! <3

Here’s the complete More Inside line (above). It’s actually a complete range which includes a moisturising mousse, dry wax, hair spray, a sea salt spray, and more. But the product I’m most in love with from this line is this:

Most of the time, it’s hard for curly haired girls in Asia to find products that work well for their locks and this one is looking oh-so promising. They tried this on my hair that day and my curls – which were frizzing out that day due to humidity and rain – instantly locked and twirled together while looking so shiny and moisturised! Smells good too!

I’ll be reviewing the Love shampoo and conditioner soon so do watch out for that here on the blog!

More later!