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Skin & Hair Care: Tansan Magic’s Soda Spa Foam and Sparkling Gelee (Review + Contest)


As somebody who often writes about beauty, I get approached to try out new products quite often. To be honest, nothing much surprises or even piques my interest these days as things tend to get a bit repetitive in the beauty scene.

There, I said it.

Quite a number of times, I’ve encountered products that seem promising but end up being gimmicky – much to my disappointment. So I end up not writing about them because they’re just a waste of time and effort.

Recently, however, I got to know of Japanese beauty company Tansan Magic. At first, I was quite reluctant due to my said experience with some gimmicky products these past few months that left me in a beauty rut. But knowing that the Japanese do beauty products  and treatments really well, I thought of giving it a go.

I was sent the Soda Spa Foam and the Sparkling Gelee – two products that you can use both on your skin and hair to make them squeaky clean and hydrated. Just two of the things I truly need on a daily basis.

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Beauty + Review: Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Color Blender Set + Discount Code

Happy Halloween, everybody! It’s one of my most favourite holidays. Costumes? Crazy makeup? Sign me up!

That’s why today’s quick post is going to be about a makeup set – something I know will be useful to a lot of people who are into changing their look for a night of fun! It doesn’t hurt either that the name of the product kinda fits today’s holiday too. 😉

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Beauty + Skin Care: The Therapy Range by The Face Shop (Review)

Hello, blog! I’ve missed you! Do you still remember your owner? 😭  Goodness, I feel like such a bad mother abandoning this space just like that for a few weeks.

Life happened again. Surprise, surprise. I am notorious when it comes to spreading myself too thin and it’s my blog that usually suffers first. My apologies, blog. Mommy loves you! I’ve been away cos of all my work as a freelancer (did you read my Forbes article on Vivy Yusof yet?) and because of something exciting that my friends and I are working on. 🙊You guys may get news of what it is by tomorrow so do stay tuned. 😉

But wait! This blogpost’s purpose is not about me making excuses! (Even though I start most of my posts with that.) It is, however, about something that’s also quite exciting as well – but we’re gonna be hopping off to the skin care department for this one. 😉


I’m here today to talk about The Face Shop‘s latest offerings for people like me who are deathly afraid of premature skin ageing. I’m now in my late 20s and the big 3-o is coming in just a couple of years. Before I hit that age, I would like to be fully prepared, thank you very much! Enter – The Therapy range!

It’s The Face Shop‘s line wherein science meets nature. It uses a European formula that contains 135 hand-blended recipes that vary in botanical ingredients. You’re basically purchasing history right there.

They sent me two products to try and I’m gonna be giving you a quick lowdown on each:

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Beauty: Products to Watch Out for when Mamonde Comes to Malaysia in August!

Mamonde, Korean, Korean Beauty, Kbeauty, Korean Beauty Products, BB Cushion, Face Mask, First Energy Essence, First Energy Serum, Makeup, Beauty, Skin Care

I have to admit that I’ve become quite bored with a lot of blogging events and found myself not in the mood to attend. Mainly because I’m quite busy with so many things and when I find myself having free time, my lazy butt just refused to leave the comforts of our home. If it’s not something that would really pique my interest, I’ve been saying no.

Mamonde coming to Malaysia is something that fell into the category that piques my interest so off I went to Damansara on a weekend which is usually reserved for errands and dates with the husband. “It will only last for 2-3 hours, I promise!” was what I told Alvin that day.

Mamonde, Korean, Korean Beauty, Kbeauty, Korean Beauty Products, BB Cushion, Face Mask, First Energy Essence, First Energy Serum, Makeup, Beauty, Skin Care

I’m glad I went as I wasn’t disappointed. The event was well-thought off and the products got me really excited! But first, the basics!

Is it just another Korean Beauty Brand?

Mamonde (French word for ‘My World’) is yes, a Korean beauty brand. It’s also under Amore Pacific, Korea’s biggest cosmetics company that also owns Sulwhasoo, Laneige, and Innisfree among others. But what sets Mamonde apart is its use of flowers as the (only) key ingredients for its comprehensive skin care range. They also have makeup but we’ll get to that later.

Amore Pacific’s Research Institute experimented on flowers has been extracting nourishing ingredients that are good for our skin and bottling them up into products. Thus, the brand’s tagline – Inspired by flowers.

Shall we move on to the exciting bit? The products you should check out when they come to Malaysia? 😉

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Beauty: L’Oréal’s New Identity and Products (Prices, First Impressions)


Makeup is all about fun and self-expression in my book so I’m totally on board with L’Oréal Paris’ new name and brand direction.

L’Oréal is a trusted brand that’s been around for ages (since 1909!). I remember growing up with it and getting my first ever foundation from their brand years ago. So the rebranding actually came as a surprise – a good one. 😉

They’re now known as L’Oréal Paris Makeup Designer. So what’s behind the longer name?

Don’t just wear makeup, design your look!

The brand is actually encouraging everyone who uses their products to exercise their freedom and self-expression using makeup. They want you to actually design your whole look. It’s 2016, after all.

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Beauty + Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System


I’ve been a nail biter from the age of 3 till right about a few months before I turned 24 which basically means I’ve been nail biting most of my life. It was such a nasty habit that was too hard to break and I’m so happy that that phase is over.

I’ve been enjoying pretty nails for over two years now and I gotta say, getting regular mani-pedis is quite addictive. I love seeing how my nails are at the right length, with a straight edge and sides that are gently curved. They look so much prettier now.

Mani-pedis, when done regularly in spas and nail salons, can actually be hard on your wallet. I was enjoying them a lot, to be honest but doing them every weekend was a bit of a stretch on my budget. So last year, I decided to learn how to do my nails on my own.

In this DIY Mani-Pedi journey of mine, I found out that I love how gorgeous my nails look after a good filing. While I do file more than cut, I  still haven’t developed the patience for it.

Seriously. Who loves filing for such a long time? While I enjoy doing my own nails, I do wish that I don’t have to spend so much of my time filing, buffing, and polishing my nails. It takes forever! Oh and in case it isn’t so obvious yet, I’m quite a busy girl!

That’s why when Scholl sent me their new Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System, I was totally excited to try it out.

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Beauty + Skin Care: Sorabee Balancing Series


Hello, my loves. I’m back with another skin care review cos as you all know by now, I’m pretty obsessed with giving my skin some TLC.

Quite recently, this obsession became a lot more intense as my skin has been acting out. 🙁 From having dry skin for over 2 decades, I’m now dealing with something that’s so new to me – combination skin. I blame the crazy heat and the hormonal rebalancing that’s been going on. Pfft.

Just in time for this sudden skin shift, I was contacted by the people behind Korean skin care brand Sorabee to do a review on their skincare products. I was kind of hesitant at first due to my skin’s current state. However, after being given more information about the range, I changed my mind.

Sorabee‘s Balancing range promised to be suitable for any skin type – something that I’m in dire need of since my skin has been so weird. Sometimes, it’s oily and sometimes, it’s extra dry. Extreme combination skin, anyone? Ugh, can’t wait for this phase to be O-V-E-R.

The range’s products also contain marine collagen extracted from Sea Stars (star fishes) which helps in hydrating  and balancing out combination skin.

Shall I walk you through the products?

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