As someone who’s been suffering from poor eyesight for 15 years, I’ve had lots of experience with different types of glasses and contact lenses. While I do love wearing my vintage-looking specs, most of the time, I opt for contact lenses when I go out due to the convenience it offers. No need to worry about glasses sliding down your nose or being careful with how you move around, right?

I’ve been wearing contact lenses for over a decade now and I can say I’ve tried most brands. Some remain my favourite up to this day while some brought great disappointment (and eye irritation too, in some cases).

About a week ago, my friends and I attended the launch of contact lens brand Horien Eye Secret. All of us had pretty bad eyesight and are used to specs and lenses so naturally, we were eager to see what the fuss about this brand was all about.

When wearing contact lenses, my major concern is keeping the eyes hydrated. After wearing them for hours, my eyes usually become dry and start to itch if the lenses are not of good quality. Since I move around a lot and also spend a lot of time facing a computer screen and typing, it’s of great importance that my lenses keep my eyes and hydrated and don’t irritate them despite the long hours.

Horien Eye Secret promised to take care of my highly sensitive eyes and I was looking forward to put it through the test. 😉

This Taiwanese brand gave me two pairs to review – a pair of coloured and a pair of clear lenses. As promised, both were very hydrating. I normally wear lenses throughout the day and my eyes didn’t feel tired or itchy at all.

Unlike some brands, it is actually safe to wear Horien Eye Secret lenses for more hours (still, don’t sleep wearing them!) since their lenses do not have colour additives peeling off while you’re wearing them. Colour additives are wrapped by an ingredient called HEMA to make sure that your eyes do not make contact with your lenses’ colouring.

The coloured lenses’ patterns are also printed out by a sophisticated pad printing machine and are made smooth to avoid bumpy surfaces.

For reference, here’s a photo of me wearing my usual lenses:

Word of advice: If you’ve already got big enough eyes, you can go for the clear ones. 😉 I think I looked like an anime character while wearing the coloured lenses. Which isn’t so bad since I like anime. 😛

If you have small eyes and you want to make them look bigger or if you just want to draw attention to them, I suggest you get these coloured ones. The black one can look natural and can blend really well with irises that are brown to dark brown in colour but the colours blue, green, grey, etc are not as natural-looking when worn. Horien Eye Secret’s brand ambassador, Yumi Wong, was wearing grey lenses during the launch and her eye colour didn’t look natural.

However, it did succeed in making her eyes look really big – which is the trend in Asia at the moment.

I find the clear lenses to be more hydrating even though both the coloured and clear ones have the same water content – only 38%!

Lenses that contain a lot of water are actually bad for you!

The high water content in lenses turn them into sponges that absorb our tears and affect the normal fluid circulation in our eyes. Lenses with lower water content are more flexible, durable, and are perfect for eyes that dry up fast while wearing contacts. So always be picky when getting new lenses! 😉

That’s all for now folks! What’s your favourite colour for contact lenses? Would love to know and try them out soon.



P.S. Thanks to Horien Eye Secret for the first three photos and for sending over the lenses for review. <3