For 2015, I promised that I will take working out seriously. The goal is to be healthier, stronger, and to get toned. At 32-24-35, I’m what most people would call ‘skinny’. I’m considered tall for an Asian girl but I wear XS-sized clothes. Being thin gave me a false sense of security on how healthy I am.

But the truth is, despite being the farthest thing from looking obese, I’m actually ‘fat’ and unhealthy on the inside. Eep! I eat a lot of junk food and carbs are usually on the menu as well. I was never the type who exercises religiously. I did it when I felt like it and I thought that was okay.

But now that I’m 25 years old and I’ve gone from daily-on-the-go journalist to freelancer, I am more sedentary with a metabolism that’s slowing down.

Oh, and did I mention I’ve been eating the same amount of unhealthy food? So. It’s time for a change. I have moved on from my home workouts and every-now-and-then runs to actually going to the gym regularly! Can I get an applause out there? 😉 I’ve been going to Impulse Studio in Bangsar and I gotta say, it’s been fun!

The workouts are hard and I’m currently sore all over but trust me – I’m coming back for sessions! 😀 And that says a lot cos I tend to just stop doing workouts when I find them too hard. Really. But since I started going to Impulse Studio, I’ve been more motivated to work out and get healthy. Here’s why: 1. It’s the workout of the 21st Century – without weights

Impulse Studio incorporates Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) into workouts which is currently popular in Europe.  While working out, you are connected to a device that produces impulses.

These impulses are delivered through electrodes placed on the skin on top of your targeted muscles. Your muscles are stimulated as you do your workout, making each move harder (the resistance can be quite strong) and more effective.

2. Only two 20-minute sessions per week

I’ve got friends who go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Though I’m not working full time anymore, I’d say I still have a pretty full schedule and 3-4 times a week with an hour minimum per session can be time consuming. The workout consists of 12 to 15 functional exercises per session and is 18 times more effective than conventional workouts. Your 20 minute session is equivalent to 6 hours at a normal gym! So you’re actually doing more for your body in less time.

3. Full-body workout

There’s no such thing as a legs-day or an arms-day. You work out your whole body in those 20 minutes.

4. One-on-one personalised training

You will never work out alone in Impulse Studio. You will always have a personal trainer with you who has access to your digital records at the gym. They know your strength level and your progress so your workouts are tailor-fitted to your needs.

They’ll push you to do things you didn’t know you were capable of but will never go beyond your limits. This was me, during our January 25 training. My trainer made me do things (like push-ups!!) that I never tried before because I always thought I was too weak for them. But of course, baby steps and a little bit of pushing got me going. I admit, I thought at some point that I was dying. LOL.

But once it was over, I totally felt great about myself. Please excuse the weird facial expressions. I’m still trying to get the hang of breathing like a normal person while training. LOL.

5. Firmer, tighter skin

One thing I noticed about my body recently is that though I was thin, I was starting to look less firm in some areas like my glutes, thighs, and the back of my arms. Blame it on the sedentary lifestyle I was leading for the past 6 months (!). With EMS training, I get more out of my 20 minute workouts. The impulses work on the deeper muscle tissue and while it will improve my deteriorating posture, it will also enhance blood circulation of the muscular and connective tissues. This will then lead to a firmer, more toned skin. Cellulite buster, anyone? 🙂

6. The gym’s location

It’s centrally located and is in one of my favourite areas of KL – Bangsar. It’s also a short drive from where we live (KLCC) and is easily accessible.

7. No need to spend a fortune on gym clothes

One of the excuses people give when it comes to working out is how expensive the gear can be. A good pair of running shoes can cost hundreds of ringgits (thousands of pesos) and cute gym clothes (therefore, they’re great motivation) from Adidas and Nike don’t come cheap either. At Impulse, I bring myself to Bangsar in my shirt, jeans, and walking sandals. The clothes I work out in and the towels I need are provided for me.

After working out, you just toss them into the bin provided for the dirty clothes and towels and they are thoroughly cleaned. Yes, the hygiene freak in me had to ask during my first visit.

I am always apprehensive in wearing clothes that other people have worn (yes, hygiene reasons) and whenever I buy vintage, I Lysol the heck out of it first before using it. But I was very satisfied with the answer the people at Impulse gave me. And so far, my overly-sensitive skin never got allergies so that means they’re really really clean! 😀

8. The gym’s interior and convenience

I love me some good interior design and Impulse Studio looks great without going overboard. The place looks chic and modern but not intimidating at all. It’s clean, welcoming, and comfy.

Workouts are made by appointment so the gym is never too full. Appointments are spaced adequately so there is no waiting time and you don’t find yourself competing with other people for time in the shower.

You also get your own, spacious locker while working out. The shower area is clean and has a complete set of bath essentials from shampoo to shower gel. No need to lug around a huge gym bag! Forgot your deodorant at home? There’s an emergency stash right by the mirror along with some lotion and even hair products – no one will guess that you were just sweating it out minutes ago.

9. Before anything else, you get to know your body

Impulse Studio has this machine that measures not just your usual weight and height but everything else in your body that’s important like: Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Mass Index, Protein, Minerals, and even your balance and the strength of your limbs. This helps your trainers plan your road to fitness for you. 😉 The machine (they call it InBody) basically crunches your fitness numbers and prints out a whole page where it indicates how much weight you need to lose or gain your visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate, and a lot more.

My results basically told me that though I don’t really look like it on the outside, I have quite a lot of fat inside my body which makes me unhealthy and sickly. Knowing about it now makes me even more motivated to work out not just to look good but to be really healthy as well.

BONUS: You get a massage after your workout!

Yes! To be honest, this is my favourite part. 😀 After doing all those hard moves and just praying in your head that you get through it all without fainting (LOL I’m exaggerating), you get to reward yourself a bit. You can either lay down on the mat or sit on a stress ball. Your trainer will set the XBody machine to send out relaxing impulses to your muscles to cool you down. And let me tell you – they feel soooo good after going through something that’s so intense! 😀

I’ll update you guys with my workout progress. I hope I can show you toned arms and glutes soon enough! 😀

(READ ABOUT THE RESULTS HERE: Fitness + Photos: Major Improvements Just After 12 EMS Training/Workout Sessions (20 mins each) Later!)

More later.

Love, Carol

If you want to try EMS training, just drop by at Impulse and ask their trainers about how it can work for you too. Hope to see you at the studio soon. 😀 Impulse Studio is located at: First Floor, 11A, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur For a map, click here. Telephone Number:

+603 22021511 or +603 22021611