If you know me personally, you must have seen how stressed I have been the past couple of weeks.

Events, write-ups for news sites I work for, marketing work, some freelance work with the United Nations (which I finished today, yay!), diplomat’s wife duties, and there’s also The Binge. 😉  Of course, I’m not complaining. My career is on a pretty good roll, and I’ve never been this fit. Alvin has been constantly reminding me to slow down though since I’m quite overworked. He is kinda right.

My eye bags looked more like luggage and I’ve been experiencing some back pain despite my regular workouts. 😭  My brain is constantly on overdrive that sometimes I even dream of work! I truly needed a moment of relaxation as my husband suggested!

EOS Wellness invited me over just in time and I swear, I made the right choice to squeeze it into my already-packed schedule. A lot of times, we just need to hit the pause button and just relax. I needed a full on reboot and I got it that day in the couple of hours that I spent there.

But I’m getting way too ahead of myself here. I should be showing you the place first, right?

EOS Wellness offers an overall wellness experience – from massages, facials, and even fun, fitness classes (which I will be talking about on this page next time so stay tuned).

It is right at the heart of KL – the KL City Centre which is more fondly called by locals as KLCC. It’s a stone’s throw away from major malls and offices so it’s the perfect place to go to for an after-work or after-shopping treat. Although if you’re going, try to leave a couple of minutes early. Everyone knows roads in KLCC get pretty jammed during certain times of the day.

Once you enter the place however, it’s like leaving the city entirely and entering a space of pure zen. I fell in love with the classy, clean interior that incorporated Asian traditional elements along with modern, metal decor.




I was welcomed by the warm, friendly staff and after filling up a short form that proved how much I needed some intense de-stressing, they recommended a specific type of spa experience for me.

I was ushered into a private room where I met Roz, my therapist for that day. In a soothing voice, she explained the treatments for the day, the features of the room, and that I should proceed to the changing area to get ready for my treatment.

The room is clean and sophisticated with a light scent or relaxing jasmine. It made me forget that I was still in the middle of bustling KL and I seriously felt that I was back in Bali.


There were also two adjoining rooms from the main treatment area. One featured a shower and changing area and the other, the toilet and sink. Clean, tastefully lighted rooms with lots of tiny but thoughtful details such as a wooden jewellery box for my earrings and watch. There’s also a spacious wardrobe where you can keep your clothes and handbag.

I changed into a robe and the disposable underwear they provided – stretchy, cotton boy-legs and none of the uncomfy paper crap some of the highly-rated (read: expensive) spas in Southeast Asia have. You guys charge your customers so much and you give paper panties? There, I said it. 😝  My blog is one of the few places where I can be undiplomatic after all. 😉

I rang the bell for Roz to come back since I missed her and I can’t wait to get going. I have low patience for good things that are coming my way, obviously. She came back and asked me to sit down on a cushioned bench in the treatment area and we started with a foot ritual.


A warm foot soak followed by a tea tree salt scrub and mist was a good way to start the treatment. If I could stay there forever, I may have done it. Oh, if only Roz and I didn’t have families to go home to. Alvin can exist on mantaus anyway. 😉

What followed the foot ritual was the De-stressing Floral Tea Bath which Roz set up for me. She helped me get in the tub which is a good thing and propped my head up in a tightly rolled towel before turning the jacuzzi feature on.

For half an hour, I was just in that tub, enjoying the light ‘massage’ given by the soft, manufactured ripples. The smell of the bath was so good! The water was infused with aromatherapy oils and antioxidants to lift up your mood and fight anti-ageing. If you’re feeling pretty down, you have to try this! I felt heady and my face was actually sweating out toxins as I was in the bath. Talk about getting rid of all the negativity!


After the bath, I drank some of the ginger tea, wiped my face with a cold towel and enjoyed a shower. Then, I slipped back into my robe and the underwear they provided for the massage.

Let me tell you something about massages and I. We go way back. I’m quite unapologetic about the fact that I need it – a lot. I’ve always been in jobs that are related to high stress so I can honestly say that it is justified. I’m either out and about talking to people or in front of a computer for hours, typing away. I’ve tried different kinds massages in different price ranges and I tend to pick out favourites. I’m quite a particular customer with the intensity as I need a perfect balance of pressure and relaxation for the perfect stress relief treat.

EOS Wellness’ Renewal Bliss Massage is definitely one of the best ones I tried in Malaysia. When Roz asked me for the pressure and I told her I wanted ‘medium’, I prepared myself for some tweaks I must voice out but it turns out, I didn’t need to. She was doing it perfectly and with rhythm. The faint, traditional Asian music even lulled me into a nap towards the end.

The pressure goes deep into my tense, over-worked muscles without being too brash and painful. My shoulders were definitely less tight after the whole session and my hamstrings which were a bit painful from being overstretched after a workout that morning felt a-okay after. I felt like gooey jelly after and that’s such a great sign. If you feel tired and bruised after a massage, then I don’t think you got what you paid for.

After the massage, I went to their quiet room to have another drink. I love that you can still loiter and escape the world outside a bit longer after the massage. Will definitely be back to try their facials and other treatments as well!

Discount? Yes, yes – there is something here for you.

Since I want you to have a quick getaway from your busy life as well, I’ll be sharing the fun with you. Sharing is caring – and fun. 😉

Just mention carolific and show this post at EOS Wellness for a 30% discount on ala carte treatments and retail products – in case you want to bring home some of the oils or skin care items that you got to try during your treatment.

This is applicable for first time customers until the 31st of December 2016 so hurry!

You can find EOS Wellness at: A-0-10, St Mary Place, No. 1, Jalan Tengah, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

It’s right beside restaurants so it’s easy for you to grab a meal after!

You can book through: +603 2023 2182 or enquiry@eos-wellness.com

To see their spa menu, click this link to visit their website.

More later!