As far as hotels in Berlin go, the Adlon has got to be the most popular. Aside from being historical, the hotel has succeeded in earning its deserved place in pop culture throughout the years. It’s a frequent filming location for movies set in Berlin and it’s also the place where the King of Pop famously dangled his baby.

Wilkommen in Berlin (WIB), Germany’s diplomatic spouse club, recently had an event at the Adlon which helped us get to know the hotel better. It started with breakfast at The Library. It’s a private room where an intimate group can share a meal. True to its name, The Library’s walls are lined with beautifully-bound books that adds to the room’s luxe ambiance.

Looking up, you’ll also be treated to a view of a bright fresco. Breakfast, or Frühstück as Germans call it, was a blast. The ambiance, the company, and the anticipation of what the rest of the morning had in store for us, all adding to the great mood in the air.

I’m such a fan of this gorgeous set up. Who says tiered treats are only for afternoon tea? The hotel’s pain au chocolat was, for me, that morning’s scene stealer. Something so simple is often overlooked. To me, however, the pain au chocolat is one of the true tests of a pastry chef’s skill. Someone who’s able to perfect the complicated textures of both the crust and the filling is sure to leave me impressed.

Tour of the hotel

After that glorious meal and some chit chat, we went on a guided tour of the hotel. This was something I was really looking forward to as the Adlon has really intrigued me for a while. When we first arrived in Berlin, our embassy’s cultural attaché and her husband took us for coffee at the hotel’s beautiful lobby lounge. I instantly fell in love with its interiors.

The Adlon’s ballrooms were something our tour guide was very eager to show us. I love the colours of their Palaisaal. The mint and pastel hues along with the grand chandeliers were reminiscent of the Schloss Charlottenburg’s ballroom, don’t you think?

The grand ballroom is not one to be overlooked. During our visit, it was set up for a conference and what really got to me was all the dark wood, tapestries, and classy interior, giving it an authentic old world feel.

It’s in the details

I love the hotel’s attention to detail. Black and white photos of some of their famous guests adorned one the shelves in its many hallways. It’s where Hollywood sleeps – from the Marlene Dietrich to Angelina Jolie. World leaders like former US President Barack Obama also prefer the hotel.

When Lorenz Adlon was convincing Kaiser Wilhelm II to let him build a hotel just a stone’s throw from the Brandenburg Gate, he probably talked about the location’s potential and all the great things coming its way. Needless to say, this was probably his best career move.

Don’t you just love the mix of vintage with modern accents? It’s done so beautifully that I always look forward to attending events hosted here. Always so Instagram-worthy. Not that I’ve been uploading much these days. Been going through a bit of a rut – but that’s for a different post.

Staying at The Adlon

Staying at a hotel this pretty doesn’t come cheap. But it does pay for itself with the convenience you get with its location. That photo of the Brandenurg Gate was taken from one of the rooms. Now that is a view.

If you’re looking into a luxurious stay and can afford the hefty price tag (rooms start at about EUR300 and suites can go up to the thousands), then there is really no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

Rooms come with luxe furnishings, your own iPad and a control panel on your bedside that lets you control the lights and temperature. This ensures that there won’t be any discussion (or in the case of my husband and I, intense negotiation) who has to get up – and that’s always a plus.

I spend hours in the bathroom whenever I have the chance. Baths and the sweet smelling things that come with it are definitely my favourite luxury. As someone who has such a passion for bubble baths, let me tell you that the tubs inside these rooms are where you’d want to spend three hours in while drinking some wine.

If you wish to book a room, I suggest doing it via this link. usually has some great deals for hotel stays. 🙂

Napkin Folding

We ended the day with a lesson from the hotel’s expert on napkin folding. Always a handy skill to learn when you’re married to a diplomat and expected to host formal dinners every now and then.

I ended up sitting and having so much fun with Alexandra who’s from Romania. While we did learn a thing or two, that did not stop me from goofing off.

And there you have it. One educational morning thanks to WIB and Hotel Adlon. 🙂 Have you been? What did you think of it? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below.

More later.