On good, sunny days, we are often out and about enjoying some rare warmth here in Berlin. Those days are running out now. Most of the time, especially now and back in April when we first arrived, it could be quite nippy. On such days, indoor attractions and activities are on the agenda. Schloss Charlottenburg was one of the first on our list so one weekend, we took a short train ride over to this palace just within Berlin.

The Schloss (Palace) was built towards the end of the 17th century. It was commissioned by Friedrich III for his wife Sophie Charlotte.

It’s a grand, two-and-a-half story structure that boasts of baroque and rococo styles. Once again, when compared to its French counterparts, it can be considered a little less grand.

But that doesn’t mean the Schloss Charlottenburg is short of opulence.

Frederick the Great had the Schloss Charlottenburg expanded around the same time he commissioned the building of the Sanssouci Palace in the 1700s. It was also heavily damaged during World War II but it has since been reconstructed. Renovations are also constantly being done all over to keep it in shape.

It’s a gorgeous example of Prussian grandeur right in the capital. Its grounds offer a picturesque backdrop should you wish to go for a picnic during the summer or for a jog.

Should you visit this particular palace while visiting Berlin? If you love Prussian history and seeing how the other half lived back in the day, I’d say go for it. It does take a lot of your time in a city where there is so much to see. So I would recommend this to people staying for more than three days.

Don’t have much time today to write so from here on, I’d let the photos do the talking. Visiting tips can be found at the very end of this post.

Schloss Charlottenburg
Spandauer Damm 10-22
D-14059 Berlin

Getting there
Ubahn: Sophie Charlotte Platz
Sbahn: Westend

Adults: €10
Seniors, students: €7
Photo permit: €3

Time Spent
Two hours for the interior
Up to five hours if you’re also visiting the grounds

More later!