Back when I was in uni, my friends and I had a special hang out. It was a stone’s throw away from our building, in one of the tiny alleys along Dapitan. A totally chill place where, whatever time of day I go, I will definitely find some of my friends there. The menu was simple, the drinks were easy on my measly student allowance.

Having a go-to place is pretty standard. Especially if, like me, you enjoy a good drink and great company. Had a great day? Round up the gang for some drinks and celebrate. Had a bad day? Round up the gang for some drinks and get over it. Life is simple when you want it to be, no?

Recently, my friend Pita and I were introduced to a new go-to for when we want to unwind. A neighbourhood hangout if you will.

Located in TTDI, D Legends Bar is a place that you may be quick to dismiss since it’s surrounded by tons of choices. After all, this neighbourhood has a reputation for having establishments that are approved by local food snobs. Word of advice, my fellow expats: Do not argue with Malaysians about food. They know their stuff.

Although I do believe that this is one establishment you should try when you’re in the area. It’s approved by locals, and expats living in the area are fond of it as well. The great price points are a huge plus as well.

We got a chance to dine with the bar’s new owner, Shankar, who took us through some of the dishes. He’s also an author, has a radio show, and does a bit of life coaching. I got a bit of advice on my procrastination issues which has been working wonders for me the past few days! He was a regular at D Legends before buying it off the owners and revamping the menu.

“We’re not trying to be anything else. Everything here [on the menu] is straight forward. All we want to be is your neighbourhood hangout,” he said over drinks. True enough, we found ourselves feeling quite at home due to the place’s laid back vibe.


I’ve had one too many watered down versions of my mojito here in Malaysia so I’ve become quite jaded when it comes to ordering cocktails. Alcohol is quite expensive here so it’s kind of expected. The bartender at the D Legends, however, definitely doesn’t scrimp on the alcohol! That’s a huge thumbs up in my book.

Their mojito (RM22) is definitely a win as well as their Legendary Shadow (RM28) which contains rum, gin, black currant, and pineapple juice. Their Sex on the Beach (RM28) isn’t too shabby either.

I’m not really a beer drinker so I didn’t ask for some. Looking through the menu, however, I noticed that they’ve got some of the lowest prices for draught beers. You can get a mug of Tiger beer for RM15.

That price can even go down to RM10 if you avail of their Work @ D Legends Promo that runs on weekdays, 3:30-5:30pm. Leave the office, bring your laptop, and do your work there instead. A little bit of alcohol may just make you more productive. 😉


Pub grub should definitely be a food group. In my opinion, at least. It’s basically comfort food that goes really well with alcohol. What’s not to love?

I’m quite fond of Chicken Tikka as it was my entry level dish to Indian Food. D Legends’ version is a pretty great cocktail partner. The chicken is tender and has a slightly sour kick which I’m guessing is a bit of yoghurt in the marinade?

Not a veggie fan so I tried to weasel my way out of having some of the onions and leaves surrounding the prawns in this dish. Got cornered by Pita into trying them out. Not bad! Although I would still stick to just the yummy prawns if Pita isn’t with me next time. 😜

My goodness, this dish. Rendang spices paired with pork crackling. I repeat: Pork crackling. Why do I still need to convince you that you should try this? Why? This is definitely a must-order. Wash it down with a mojito and you’ve got yourself a winning combo. 🎉 What can I say? I’m Filipino. We love pork.Egg on your pizza. Pretty weird, right? Try it to appreciate it! Shankar told us of a British guy, who would normally hangout at D Legends. One day, they were discussing his difficulty of finding a place in KL that offers an authentic English Breakfast – bacon, eggs, and the whole shebang. The chef whipped up this pizza that features most of his favourites. British guy was happy in the end. I, meanwhile, am just really happy they skipped on the beans. Seriously not a fan of it.

A quirky take on Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich, this burger contains freshly ground 70-30 beef chuck, crispy streaky bacon, grilled tomatoes, fresh onions and a hearty spread of peanut butter and strawberry jam. It’s a PBJ on steroids! It works!

The buns come from an artisanal German bakery nearby and are freshly made, daily.

One thing I should mention as well is D Legends’ fries. I’m a big fan of fries so this is going to be a really strong statement. Their plain fries are the best that I have tried in KL so far. McDonalds? KFC? No, thanks. Their fries here are crispy on the outside, silky soft on the inside. It kinda reminds me of how awesome the fries of KFC in the Philippines are. Yes, KFC PH fries are way different from all the KFCs I’ve tried around Asia and Europe. The cut and flavours are just different. I have no idea what is up with that though. Should they share the recipe? Am I revealing state secrets here? Ooops.

I’ve had a lot of ‘just ok lah’ fries in KL and theirs is this city’s redemption. D Legends’ fries are of course, a little more premium than what KFC in the Philippines has to offer. C’mon. KFC is fast food. But both are equally good in their own category! The chef also piles them up in a cross hatch pattern. Shankar says this is to let the similar amount of air pass through each of the fries and will keep some of them from getting soggy quickly.

I’m not a big Hainanese Chicken Chop person. Maybe I was just getting a little too full by the time this was served. This dish didn’t stand out so much. It comes with their amazing fries though!

Hungry? Order this. It has bacon! It’s a generous serving so it can actually be split up for two, not so hungry ladies. If you’re hungry, don’t share. I repeat: This has bacon. Lots.


‘Stop it with the bacon, already!’ said no one ever. This brownie comes with a dollop of cream and bacon bits on top. The brownie is soft, leaning on the gooey side which I love. Would be awesome if it came in warmer but works great all the same. I love how the bacon balances the sweetness of the whole thing. I highly recommend that you do not think of sugars and calories or of updating your calorie tracker once you’ve had this. #NoRegrets

You have the option of ordering the hand-churned vanilla ice cream without the rum and raisins. But really, why would you do that?

D Legends Bar

24 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Hours: 3:30pm-1am

Call: 03-7733 6270

Visit their Facebook page by clicking here, and their website through this link.

This bar is highly recommended for people looking for a chill place to unwind. Crowd is pretty relaxed and friendly. Servers are a joy to talk to as well.

More later!




*This review was written upon the invitation of the establishment. However, it does not affect my views and opinion on their food, drinks, and service.