So I’m back with another review and this time, we’ll be talking about the IOPE Air Cushion XP which is one of the most popular brands in the market today – both in Korea and in other countries.

IOPE has 3 kinds of this cushion – sheer, natural, and cover. So as the names suggest, sheer provides very minimal coverage and works well in just brightening your skin, natural gives you light coverage, and cover gives pretty good coverage while maintaining the fresh and dewy finish this cushion is famous for.

I got the Air Cushion XP Cover in the shade C23 from Althea Korea. When ordering, do consider that IOPE’s shades are really light so be careful in choosing the shade for your skin tone.

At RM115 (Regular Price: RM199), the Air Cushion has 15g of product and comes with a refill that also contains 15g. So technically, you are getting a beauty product that will last you twice as long than your normal foundation or BB cream.

The compact is similar to the size of the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control. Looking at the top surface, this compact is pretty standard in size but like the Laneige cushion, the IOPE Air Cushion XP is a bit on the thicker side so it has the tendency to take more space in your makeup bag.

Like most cushions, it comes in with an awesome sponge that applies and blends the product really well just by patting it on to the skin. No swiping as it won’t deposit the foundation properly on your skin.

The compact also has the usual air tight lid to keep bacteria out and to make sure that the foundation doesn’t dry out.

As for the formulation, this cushion foundation contains over 30% of mineral water to keep your skin hydrated and to boost radiance. I have normal-dry skin so this is what keeps me coming back to using this.

While this product has Siberia Peptide 6 Selection and Pore Elastomers that help in firming up your skin and controlling your pores’ enlargement and secretion of oil, it gives you a really dewy finish which I doubt will work on oily skin.

As for dry skin, it actually works really well and you only need to retouch around 3 hours after application. You might also need to retouch more often during a particularly hot and humid day.

This product also has vitamins to keep your skin happy such as B5, E derivatives, and P. To protect your skin from the sun, this cushion foundation also packs a hefty SPF50+PA, making sure you’re protected from sun damage and premature ageing.

How I use this product

I love using the IOPE Air Cushion XP as a makeup base. It’s easy to apply, blends like a dream, and gives you a healthy-looking natural finish. I usually let it set on my skin first before applying blush or applying powder over it. The coverage is also very buildable and despite the amount of product you put, you will never look like a mannequin while wearing this.

There are also days when I just use it by itself without powder on top. Usually when I’m just going out for groceries with my husband or doing quick errands. I can even get away without concealer for my under eye circles with this product. It really gives you great coverage without looking like you have too much makeup on.

However, do be mindful that you need to retouch every now and then especially when you’re under the sun. Below is a photo taken 3 and a half hours after application. I was out most of the day and had to be under the sun without an umbrella. Notice that it can seem cakey on the side of the nose and even by the nostril as – in my case – makeup (any kind) does tend to settle and cake a bit in the T-zone area. But in other parts of the face, it’s still doing a pretty good job.

On my cheeks, I just used a bit of cream blush. There’s no highlight. The sheen just comes from the foundation itself. It looks lovely in person and really makes your skin look young, healthy, and bouncy.

I would highly recommend this cushion to people with normal to dry skin but for people who have oily skin, I would have to say that the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control will do a better job in keeping you oil free.

However, if you insist on the IOPE Air Cushion XP due to its coverage, I suggest to dust it off with powder after it sets on your skin to keep it on longer.

Will I repurchase? Yes, definitely. It’s an awesome product that you can use for your everyday look and even for special occasions. It’s versatile and keeps my skin healthy while doing a great job in evening out my skin tone too.

Do I think it’s better than my Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control which I’ve been using prior to this? I think both are good and I won’t be able to live without the either one. I need the two of them in my life.

I use Laneige for really hot days and when I want to have just a bit of dewiness on my face, but reallyy bordering on matte. Meanwhile, I use IOPE for days when I feel a little bit more coverage and brightening can go a long way.

More later loves!