Well this blog has been rather quiet! Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you might have noticed that I am not in Malaysia at the moment. The husband and I are finally enjoying an actual (!) holiday since our honeymoon.

It’s also well-deserved, I must say. They’ve been so busy at the embassy! He was ending his work days at 2am during the most recent ASEAN meetings. So to everyone who thinks that the job of a diplomat is easy – well, it’s not. Especially in a really busy post! We’re currently in Europe to visit my family and drop by a few must-see cities. It’s my husband’s first time here so it’s pretty fun to explore with him.

We’re currently at our second stop which is Paris! The city of lights, love, and of course – fashion. Looking at the Eiffel Tower yesterday reminded me of something! I actually have important news to share with you guys!

Before leaving for our trip, I attended the launch of Kenzo Time‘s 2015 collection in Kuala Lumpur and I must say that I was pretty impressed. I’m a lover of vintage and the classics when it comes to fashion and that mindset extends to my choice of timepieces. I usually stick with gold, vintage watches or bangle-type silver timepieces. I never saw watches as an accessory that can make or break my outfit. But alas, I stand corrected yet again. 😉

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What I wore: Long-sleeved, sheer turtleneck from Zara, High-waisted shorts from Next Jeans, Bag from Charles and Keith, Red ballerina flats (not in photo) from Payless, Watch by Kenzo.

The watch I’m wearing is the green and blue variant of the Monte Tigre model. And ain’t she a beauty? She’s definitely an eye catcher. 😉

True to the Kenzo brand, design geniuses Carol Lim and Humberto Leon created a new line of timepieces that challenge your expectations when it comes to trends.

The new collection is divided into two – Tiger Head (metal straps) and Pop (synthetic straps) .

Remember Jungle Jap? The new timepiece range is inspired by a younger Kenzo Takada – who, in the 60s, moved to Paris from Japan and started to make a name for himself in the fashion industry. The father of the brand Kenzo started a movement that shook the fashion industry and it seems like Lim and Leon are out to continue that for him while injecting a bit of their own style.

No complaints from me. I’m loving everything in the collection! Shall I start showing you photos then? 😉

Another great thing about these watches is that they’re actually unisex. I even got my husband to try my watch out and it looked great on him! He wore it while walking around Amsterdam the other day so it looks like the design is also something he approves of. 😉

Pieces from the Kenzo Tiger Head range start at RM1,200 while those from the Kenzo Pop collection start at RM499 (such a steal, the Pop watches are!). You can get your Kenzo Time watches at Time Couture and Solar Time. Both have several branches all over Malaysia where you can get your hands on these babies.

Let me know which one’s your favourite!