Professional Work

You’ll find some of my work here – as a multimedia journalist and as a writer. Been doing this for a good number of years and I can’t put everything here but hopefully, they’d be enough to give you a good overview of what I do for a living.

Articles for Forbes

Asia’s Love Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Translating Into A Tourism Boom In Dubrovnik

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Video reports for Rappler

This church is made of real human bones, published October 2017

Dubrovnik is more than just ‘King’s Landing’, published September 2017

Abi Valte: Work, life, fashion, and love — all on the go, published June 2014.

The Homecoming of Elmer Borlongan, published March 2014.

Video reports for Solar News (now CNN Philippines)

In-Depth reports on the conflict between DPRK and South Korea. Aired 2013, Solar News.

Live report on the congestion at airline and bus terminals in Pasay City, Philippines. Aired April 2012.