Filipino food is seriously underrated. Despite living in Malaysia where food is an actual tourist attraction, I have to admit that there are times when I still miss what we have at home.

From our world-famous mangoes, crab paste (which I tend to mix with everything), and down to my favourite Tinola (chicken soup with ginger and chilli leaves), there’s just something about our food that will make you want more. Ours is the next type of food you should be trying before it even becomes too mainstream. 😉

In fact, if Malaysians have their staple breakfast food called Nasi Lemak, we Filipinos are proud of our -Silog meals! Which I should talk about on a different post so as not to veer off the topic for this one. But if you ever find yourself in Laguna Restaurant in KL or Merienda de Eva in Damansara, order yourself a Tapsilog and thank me later.

If you’re currently in Kuala Lumpur, please do drop by the Food and Hotel Malaysia 2015 expo and visit us! The Philippine Pavilion is located at Hall 1, booth 1111.

We have mangoes, chili sauces and dips (which left my Malaysian friends wanting more and wondering why they are not available here!), sweets like polvoron, and as well as healthy juices and cooking aids – calamansi juice and coconut vinegar, anyone?

Side note: That coconut vinegar makes an awesome chip-dip!

Business owners and food importers are also welcome to ask for details on how you can bring our products here in Malaysia.

Our booth will be in KLCC till this Friday, the 2nd of October. See you there!